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WAVE BW chair / Tunning chairs / Tree decorative peg / Speaker Desk / Street Photo Display / Gaufres Kiosk / Big Lamp / Interactive Kiosk / Instalation Thirst Heineken Music

WAVE BW chair

Year 2010-12-20 // Client people // Industry interior design

WAVE BW este un scaun de relaxare, cu o forma fluida , compus din 12 piese plane.  
Se monteaza in sistem DIY prin imbinare, fara elemente de fixare.   
Accesoriul lateral pastreaza  la indemana  o carte /revista sau sticla de vin. 

Material: MDF /lemn stratificat 

WAVE BW is a relaxation chair, with a fluid shape, composed of 12
individual pieces. DIY assembling system by interlacing the parts, with
no fastening elements. The side accessory keeps at hand a book/magazine
or the wine bottle.

Material: MDF/ plywood